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Base Stations, Backhaul & Energy Innovations to Improve Rural Connectivity

Back in July 2019, GSMA did an extensive report on 'Closing the Coverage Gap using Innovation to Drive Rural Connectivity'. The report focussed on the 3 main areas that are responsible for most costs; namely, Base Stations, Backhaul and Energy. A detailed blog is available on GSMA Mobile for Development section here . The only mild criticism I have about this blog and the report is that it completely ignores Open RAN. (You can learn about OpenRAN here and see deployment example in Peru as part of Internet Para Todos here ) The PDF of the report is available here . There was also a webinar on this topic. Slides are here and video is embedded below. Related Posts : The 3G4G Blog: A quick tutorial on Open RAN, vRAN & White Box RAN 3G4G Small Cells Blog: KT 5G Skyship Search and Rescue Platform 3G4G Small Cells Blog: Altaeros’ Autonomous Tethered Aerial Cell Tower, SuperTower ST200 Connectivity Technology Blog: AT&T Celebrates 1 million FirstNet Connec

AT&T Celebrates 1 million FirstNet Connections with FirstNet One, a 55-foot Aerostat

I recently wrote about 3GPP progress towards 5G drones (UAS/UAV) connectivity here . In addition, there is also Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) feature that could be used to bring connectivity to hard to reach areas and in case of emergencies and disasters. I wrote about that here . AT&T on the other hand is celebrating 1 Million Connections and Launch of “FirstNet One” – a Deployable Blimp – for Public Safety. Their press release says: More than 10,000 public safety agencies and organizations across the country have subscribed and over 1 million FirstNet connections are in service, bringing first responders and those that support them the reliability, capability and accountability they trust to carry out their mission. Jason Porter, senior vice president, FirstNet Program at AT&T said, “FirstNet is the only wireless communications platform that’s been architected from the ground up just for the public safety community. It’s specifically designed to advance public saf