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First Cross-Border Drone Flight Over Mobile Network

I got to see innovations by the Latvian MNO, LMT at MWC 2019. I wrote about it on the Operator Watch Blog as well as 3G4G Blog. Now LMT has announced that they have performed a unique cross-border drone flight.
The Google translated press release said:
The operation of such flights is associated with a number of unknowns, including mobile network coverage in the air. To test this, on September 2, LMT conducted one of the world's first fully remotely controlled drone cross-border flights out of sight, where a connection to the mobile communication network was used to control the drone. The drone crossed the Latvian-Estonian border, changing mobile operators, but the pilot did not lose control of the drone's control....Previous tests performed by LMT in Latvia show that the signal strength of the mobile communication network is even better in some places in the air than on the ground, where it is disturbed by obstacles such as thick walls and trees. On the other hand, in this flig…

6G Research Visions Webinar on Remote and Rural Area Connectivity Challenges and Solutions

A new 6G Research Visions Webinar took place on Wednesday 30 September 2020, presenting key findings by the Expert Group that prepared the 6G White Paper on Connectivity for Remote Areas. In the 90-minute webinar, representatives of the group gave talks on regulatory challenges, spectrum matters and wireless backhaul solutions for remote area connectivity. Talks by Expert Group representatives: Alok Pandey, Indian Institute of Technology, IndiaBrejesh Lall, Indian Institute of Technology, IndiaMohamed-Slim Alouini, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi ArabiaAbdelaali Chaoub, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT), MoroccoAdrian Kliks, Poznan University of Technology, PolandThe webinar was moderated by Dr. Harri Saarnisaari from University of Oulu who led the Expert Group. The webinars are organized by the 6G Flagship program led by the University of Oulu, Finland and the 6G White Paper Expert Group which prepared the 6G White Paper on Co…

How to Deploy a Private LTE Network using CBRS

We looked at CBRS not long ago but here is another post on the topic, which proved to be very popular. If you haven't seen the old post, it's here.
Last week, the CBRS Alliance and American Tower collaborated for a webinar to walk attendees through the OnGo deployment process in the CBRS band. It's trying to use OnGo as a brand for Private LTE deployed in CBRS spectrum

Which seems totally pointless, given that there's a ton of *other* Private LTE deployed in the US & around the world.

Nobody in the UK or Germany or Japan is calling a private 4G/5G an "OnGo" network— Dean Bubley (@disruptivedean) September 24, 2020The CBRS Alliance has developed a set of detailed specifications and an accompanying OnGo certification program. The certification program + specifications will enable the commercialization of the OnGo architecture and ensure seamless interoperability for all network components. The certification program will ensure all OnGo-Certified Devices reflec…