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Telenor's IoT Prediction Report 2024

Earlier this year, Telenor IoT, a leading brand in IoT Connectivity, published its annual IoT Predictions Report. It explains how combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), also known as AIoT or AI4IoT, is necessary for companies to stay competitive in today’s digital world. Quoting from the report : AIoT is the convergence of AI technologies into an IoT application where IoT represents data and AI - a set of analytical tools that enable extraction of value from data, also commonly termed ‘Internet of Intelligent Things’, ‘IoT with AI’, and ‘IoT Machine Learning’. These terms can be used interchangeably, and each describes an architecture that integrates both technologies in a single solution, a combination which can create a transformative impact. As seen in the diagram to the left, the integration of AI into an IoT deployment can occur at either the edge or in the cloud. The ability of cloud computing to offer scale, flexibility, and power beyond the re