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GSMA's DIG discusses how 5G Networks will handle UAV Layer

GSMA's Drone Interest Group ( DIG ) consists of mobile operators and other members from around the world, working with UAS and UTM suppliers and other ecosystem players to encourage the use of cellular communications for drones. The aim of the DIG is to explore opportunities for mobile connectivity to be deployed in commercial drones, share industry knowledge and position mobile operators as key enablers for the autonomous BVLOS growth. DIG hosted their first deep dive session in May which provided a brief overview of the UAS related activities in 3GPP by Helka-Liina Määttänen from Ericsson, also a 3GPP RAN2 delegate. In addition, Francesca Stockton, Product Manager for Verizon Robotics shared real life experiences supporting drones from the Mobile Operator perspective. She touched upon network quality and management, use cases and related performance and also spectrum. The video of the session is embedded below: If you found the above video useful, you would like the video from M

DISH Wireless Explains Future of the Connected Vehicle

Autonomous and Connected Vehicles have featured regularly on our blogs. In fact, couple of years back we made a tutorial on the 'Introduction to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)'. You can find links to some of our posts as the bottom of this post.  Earlier this year, DISH Wireless released a whitepaper on this topic here . The original paper seems to have disappeared but you can download it (automatically) from here or view it here . Quoting the executive summary: This white paper discusses how DISH will support the fast-growing connectivity needs of vehicles by delivering cost-effective optimization and intelligent vehicle cloud connectivity supported by private, public or hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Efficient vehicle data flow and management, for both consumer and commercial vehicles, is critical to creating a superior in-vehicle experience, even before achieving Level 4 autonomy. Properly-timed extraction and analysis of critical data is a primary value focus for c