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Qualcomm Webinar - 5G from space: The final frontier for global connectivity

It's been a while since we created our first NTN tutorial. Since then NTN standardisation and development has gained significant momentum. There has also been no shortage of conferences and seminars dedicated to NTN, the most recent we have blogged about being  ETSI's Conference on "Non-Terrestrial Networks, a Native Component of 6G". In a Light Reading webinar last year, Qualcomm speakers discussed:  How the 3GPP standards roadmap for 5G non-terrestrial networking (NTN), starting with Release 17 specifications, can make satellite connectivity easily accessible to people and things globally How multiple companies are in the fray to establish 5G-capable satellite constellations and the capabilities they could bring along on the journey to ubiquitous connectivity How Qualcomm’s longstanding experience in satellite communications, and 5G leadership, makes it the ideal technology partner for 5G IoT-NTN and NR-NTN What is being envisioned for the future with 5G Advanced