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5G Wireline Access Architecture

 I have looked at Wireless Wireline Convergence (WWC) and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) in many different posts in our blog posts (see related posts at the end).  The training company, Mpirical, recently added a short video on 5G Wireline Access and what exactly it will bring us. This video is taken from their 5G Wireline Access course and  explains how connectivity with wireline access networks is supported in 5G networks. The video is embedded below. With Voice over Wi-Fi gaining prominence and offloading becoming a necessity in many cases as well, WWC is the next logical step that quite a few operators are looking at. The main dependency is having 5G core, so we will have to wait for Standalone 5G to be rolled out before this can be tried with real users and a commercial network.  Related Posts : Connectivity Technology Blog: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and the Path to 5G Wireless Wireline Convergence (WWC) The 3G4G Blog: 5G and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) The 3G4G Blog: Introd

Detailed Introduction to Satellite Based Mobile Backhaul

Satellite connectivity is an interesting topic that I have covered in this and other blogs. It becomes quite useful in mobile cellular communications when it is used as backhaul from bringing connectivity to rural & remote locations, in addition to serving as an alternative backhaul for emergency and mission critical communications. YadaCenter has an in-depth tutorial on Satellite Cellular Backhaul which is embedded below. While the video below is very much 2G centric, the fundamentals remain the same when we move to 4G & 5G. My slides on "A very short introduction to Satellite Communications" from @net_mcr are available to download from: #4G #LTE #5G #satellites #satellitecommunications #missioncriticalcommunications — Andy Sutton (@960sutton) August 13, 2020 Prof. Andy Sutton recently shared a short introduction to satellite communications. While I was not able to find the video, the slides are available here . Rela

Is Li-Fi Gaining Momentum as an Alternative Beyond 5G?

I remember first talking about LiFi back in 2011 , but since then things have come a long way. We discussed it being adopted by IEEE in a post couple of years back . IEEE 802.11 Light Communication (LC) TG which is working on 802.11 bb , is also called the Task Group "bb" (TGbb) and is focused on introducing necessary changes to the base IEEE 802.11 Stds to enable communications in the light medium. Lightbulbs are delivering ultra-high speed #broadband ! @ITU #LiFi standard is the first to enable high-speed indoor Visible Light Communication — ITU (@ITU) September 4, 2020 In another post last year, we discussed that even though a lot of terms like LiFi, VLC, etc., are used interchangeably, they all have subtle differences. Vodafone Deutschland and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) announced that they are joining forces to interlink the two communication technologies 5G and LiFi, providing their customers wi

Classifying Voice and Video Experience in Wi-Fi

With everyone working from home in the last few months, it was obvious that many people needed to upgrade their broadband connections. Voice and video calls constitute an increasingly important class of traffic that is carried over WiFi. The experience has not always been perfect and in some cases, even good enough. This is the topic that techies from Mojo networks (now Arista Networks ) look in a talk at WLPC Phoenix 2018 . In the video below, a generic codec independent method for measuring the quality of voice and video calls (Skype, GotoMeeting, Hangouts etc.) using supervised machine learning has been presented. The method involves building a regression model that provides call quality index using training data set comprising of parameters extracted from real data. The regression model is then applied on parameters extracted from live calls by the Access Points that are in the traffic path to measure the quality index of each call. The results aggregated and presented on t