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GSMA Intelligence Holds 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) MasterClass

It's been nearly four years since we made a tutorial on Fixed Wireless Access ( FWA ). Since then a lot has changed. 5G has rolled out much more rapidly then anticipated, more of the LEO satellites are being launched and more operators are being convinced to roll out mmWave based FWA.  At the Qualcomm 5G Summit 2022, Federico Agnoletto – senior economist, GSMA Intelligence, held a Fixed Wireless Access MasterClass. In that, he explained the key business and technical considerations that impact the cost to deploy and operate Fixed Wireless Access networks and services. The following is from the masterclass summary: As 5G Fixed Wireless Access continues to grow and transform broadband access, this masterclass teaches operators how to maximize the return on investment for these technologies. GSMA Intelligence gives insight into the results of its detailed business analysis of Fixed Wireless Access, including comparisons with alternatives, and addressing ever-growing customer and soci

Challenges with Video communication to PSAPs

Public-Safety Answering Point or Public-Safety Access Point is abbreviated as PSAP. It is a call center where emergency/non-emergency calls (like police, fire brigade, ambulance) initiated by any mobile or landline subscriber are terminated. Wikipedia has details on this here . At the EENA Conference 2022 David Wales, Customer Experience Expert & Filip Malenak, Managing Director, Zachranka presented a talk looking at Video communication to PSAPs - a human perspective. Technology is there to allow video communication between citizena & PSAPs, but human perspective has to be taken into account : safety of the caller, psychological impact for the call-takers #eena2022 — Cristina Lumbreras (@CrLumbreras) April 29, 2022 The abstract says: With new information and communication technologies, there is a growing demand to make it possible for citizens to contact emergency services by video. But allowing video communication with PSAPs comes with many challen