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The Evolution of Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be EHT) to Wi-Fi 8 (IEEE 802.11bn UHR)

When I posted about Wi-Fi 8 last year, I didn't realise that Wi-Fi was a popular topic on this blog and not only did it make it to the Top 5 posts , the previous post on Wi-Fi 7 made it too, even though it was posted back in the end of 2020. The paper posted last year has undergone revision and a new version of 'What Will Wi-Fi 8 Be? A Primer on IEEE 802.11bn Ultra High Reliability' is available here . Quoting the abstract:  What will Wi-Fi 8 be? Driven by the strict requirements of emerging applications, next-generation Wi-Fi is set to prioritize Ultra High Reliability (UHR) above all. In this paper, we explore the journey towards IEEE 802.11bn UHR, the amendment that will form the basis of Wi-Fi 8. We first present new use cases calling for further Wi-Fi evolution and associated standardization, certification, and spectrum allocation efforts. We then introduce a selection of the main disruptive features envisioned for Wi-Fi 8 and their associated research challenges, re