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How is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployed?

We have covered Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) as part of different posts in various blogs (see related posts at the bottom) but today we look at how FWA is deployed, thanks to a short tutorial by Mpirical. Before we go to the tutorial, we should also mention why we are discussing this again. This is mainly because FWA take-up is growing in many parts of the world and has gained importance as it's now providing the MNOs with a new source of (5G) revenue. Here's an interesting stat too: The monthly usage per AirFibre (FWA) subscription is 390 GB, 30% *higher* than for a JioFiber subscription. — Tefficient 🚥 (@tefficient) April 22, 2024  Back in April, ABI Research predicted that worldwide FWA subscriptions are on a strong growth trajectory of a 14% CAGR 2023-29 and are set to reach almost 265 million by 2029. 5G FWA is expected to account for 45% of the total subscription base by 2029, reaching 118 million at a CAGR of 35%. Ericsson's Mobility Report